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Your wedding is a time for friends, family, and celebration! It's only natural that you'd like your dog to be a part of your special day.
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Pawsh Weddings is a luxury dog chauffeur and wedding pet attendant service

What is a wedding day dog attendant?

A wedding day dog attendant or wedding day pet attendant is a pet care professional that is hired to attend to your pet during a special occasion.

How is that different from a pet sitter?

An attendant is different from a pet sitter because we are specifically trained for dog handling at formal events. Pawsh Weddings coordinates your dog’s participation in the event and photographs with your wedding planner and/or photographer prior to the big day. We also know loads of tricks to help your pet with all the challenging bits like staying focused for photos despite distractions, coping with large crowds, and the ultimate challenge… being able to SEE you but not be ON you while you’re both dressed for the occasion.

Will you walk my dog down the aisle?

Of course! We expertly guide your dog down the aisle with treats and encouraging words

What does the attendant wear?

Depending on your event we typically wear black slacks and a dress shirt or formal jumpsuit. We can also color coordinate to your specifications.

Can you pick up my dog from the groomer?

Absolutely! With our Gold and Platinum packages an attendant can pick up your pet from any location! Additional miles can be added on if necessary.

How is my dog kept safe during transportation?

Our vehicles are equipped with safety rated harnesses and seat belts so that your dog is always safe and secure while the vehicle is in motion. Other accommodations are made for dogs with vehicle anxiety and other pets.

Does Pawsh Weddings offer attendant services without transportation?

Yes! Our Silver package offers attendant services without chauffeur services. This is perfect for photo sessions where you plan on bringing your dog with you to the location, but need an extra hand once you get there.

What if I have multiple dogs?

Each dog gets their own attendant, but you don’t have to pay for another full package! Simply refer to the “Add a Dog” price listed under each package.

Are there any breed or size restrictions?

NO! We love dogs of all shapes and sizes.

What pets do you care for?

We believe any pet should be able to attend their pet parent’s wedding! This includes domestic pets like; cats, rats, birds, reptiles, chinchillas, and guinea pigs. Contact us for more details involving exotic pets!

Does Pawsh Weddings offer boarding for after the wedding?

We can recommend some of our favorite pet sitters and boarding centers or chauffeur your dog to their favorite place to stay, but Pawsh Weddings does not offer boarding services at this time.

Is there a deposit?

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to reserve your date and schedule your meet ‘n’ greet.

What if what I need isn't listed in any of the packages?

We offer custom packages tailored to the needs of you and your dog. Send us an email, text, or give us a quick call!

How do I reserve my date?

You can reach us by text, email, or phone. Just tell us a bit about you, your partner, your dog, and your event, sign the contract, pay the deposit, and voila! Your date is locked in and we get to work with your other wedding professionals.

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